Short Film Writer, Director

A troubled 12-year-old skateboarder must overcome his biggest fears on and off the board to capture his sickest trick on film with the help of his loyal necktie-wearing skate crew The Businessmen"

Festival Screenings

Winner - Blow-Up Int. Arthouse Film Fest - 2018

Winner - Skate Surf Ski Snowboard Film Fest - 2019

Audience Choice - Chicago Int. Reel Shorts Fest - 2018

Finalist - Chicago Armarcord Arthouse Awards - 2018

Selection - Chicago Onscreen Local Showcase - 2019

Selection - Reality Bytes Film Festival - 2019

Short Film (Trailer) | Editor

"Youthful innocence and environmental pressures wage war on the fates of young men in this portrait of Chicago's Southside."

Echo Chamber Editor

"A modern rendition of the Greek mythological story of Narcissus and Echo-- played out on a college campus."

Short Film | Co-Writer, Director, Editor

"A young woman's depression manifests in the form of a crazed clown."


Short Film Scene Director, Editor

"Two friends struggle to see eye-to-eye"


Short Film Writer, Director, Editor

"Parents of a missing girl confront a disturbed man who-- by the looks of it-- may know more than he's telling. But looks can be deceiving." 


Short Film Editor

"A high school delinquent tries to win the heart of his crush by drawing her as a mermaid."

Oldies, but Goodies

Solo Project



Writer, Director, Editor

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